Mochijo Donuts

Delicious mochijo donuts

Mochijo donuts are the new way to enjoy your donuts. They're plump, chewy and not too sweet! And the shape? - easily broken apart into small balls, for easy bites or better yet, sharing with your loved ones. Enjoy!

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Box of six


Box of 6

Box of six

Choco Series


delicious mochijo donuts

About Mochijo

Mochijo Donuts are not your ordinary donuts. They are Japanese style donuts, made with flour that is traditionally used to make sticky mochi. When fresh out of the pan, these donuts are soft and chewy inside and crunchy on the outside.

How it started

Jo started to make these donuts after stumbling upon the recipe for mochi donuts on the internet, while trying to find a new menu to share on her youtube channel. The four of them loved this new, and different way to enjoy donuts. She made them frequently, experimented and developed the recipe too. Jo wished that many people would be able to experience the same delight that they have whenever they eat mochi donuts. She started selling them online and so far, customers also loved these donuts, the mochijo way.

Mochijo donut flavors are Jo's personal favorites. The toppings are carefully selected to match the glaze for a delightful and sometimes adventurous palate experience. And because the flavors are Jo's personal preference, they are promisingly not too sweet!

hand made special mochijo donuts